NEW WHITEPAPER: Enterprise Cloud Control Plane Planning

First published on MSDN on Nov 08, 2018
Many enterprise IT groups dream of unifying their various automation processes. This guide tells how to support a common, enterprise-wide datacenter control plane in the cloud that is integrated with your existing workflows or with the latest DevOps processes. Whether you work with Jenkins, Azure DevOps Services, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Atlassian, or other services, this guide can help you automate beyond the CI/CD pipeline to the management and policy layers. The process is laid out step by step, based on real-world examples that we have deployed with enterprise customers on Azure.

Download the 16-page paper on Azure.com:

Table of contents (ToC)

  • Overview

  • Tracking the program step by step

    1. Source control

    2. Configuration and secrets management

    3. Base data

    4. Deployment phases

    5. Base image

    6. Package and extension source

    7. Build and release pipeline

    8. Artifact repository

    9. Deployment automation

    10. Portal

    11. RBAC

    12. Monitoring

    13. OS management

    14. Chargeback, governance, costing, CMDB

    15. Product site

    16. Azure Resource Manager

  • Areas of responsibility

    • Cloud provisioning

    • IaaS management

    • Security, governance, and compliance

    • Identity

    • Development pipeline

    • Support and maintenance

  • Next steps

  • Learn more

This whitepaper was authored by Tim Ehlen. It was edited by Nanette Ray. It was reviewed by AzureCAT.

Download the whitepaper here .

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