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Get the tools you need to advance your career with Microsoft Azure

Expand your career opportunities in the cloud with three offers that combine training and industry-recognized Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications. Choose the tools that

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Thanks. I'm trying to get the Azure certificate.

Thank You Sir / Team, for all the information. It will help me lot!!!


Yes, beginning in November 2015, we moved to a continuous sustainment model for these exams. As a result, we are constantly reviewing and updating the content on them wit... Read More
That's a great "getting started with Azure" training
Thanks for this information: I need to improve my Azure knowledge, this resource will be useful for sure.

Last week, during the Build 2017 event lots of announcements were made. Of course, there were big announcements like Azure Cosmos DB. But there was also this small announcement which, in my eyes, will change the way we manage Azure fundamentally.


Right at

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Yet another tool, I stick to PowerShell :-)

At BUILD 2017, we announced the preview of Azure Cloud Shell which supports the Bash shell. As showcased by Corey Sanders, we are adding PowerShell support to Azure Cloud Shell, which gives you a choice of shell to get work done.


The PowerShell experien

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Azure offers several ways of deploying a deep-learning model including Windows Web App, Linux Web App, and Azure Container Services. For those less experienced with a Linux environment/containers, Windows Web Apps offers familiar territory. We will deploy

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We’re delighted to announce availability of a sample SaaS application and a series of management scripts and tutorials that demonstrate a range of SaaS-focused design and management patterns that can accelerate SaaS application development on SQL Database

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Hi all!

During //Build a few weeks ago, we announced "Azure Managed Application".


Azure Managed Applications provides an ecosystem that enables vendors to make a PaaS or SaaS services available as self-contained applications. Customers deploy managed ap

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We are getting error " error: couldn't read version from server: Get dial tcp i/o timeout" when we are executing below

KUBERNETES_PROVIDER=ubuntu ./kube-up.sh


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Not able to create any new resources for example VM's from today morning. Waiting wheel is going on for long time.

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Hi Rohan,


Try with Diffrent browser or in-Private mode



Sunit Patil

Hi All,


Looking for some assistance in reverting a Managed disk snapshot to an OS disk of the VM. Idealy i would like to do the following:


1. Detach existing OS managed disk from VM

2. Convert the snapshot to a managed disk

3. Attach new managed disk to VM


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Hi, Do you want to use this VM as master Image? are you going to create multiple VM from this image? Best Sunit Patil

I have been asked to quote for moving a client into azure. they have AD, Exchange three sql's hosting applications, print server and file server.


I take it I will need to get pricing for o365, azure AD, Azure SQL and a couple of servers for file share\pri

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To add to what the others mentioned, you also need to look at what you actually need "in the cloud" and why. AD, print servers, and file servers, to a degree, should real

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Where to start, I'd try and narrow down a few things


What licencing will they need for Office 365? For example,  Office 365 Enterprise E3 is a popular option but it depen

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Hi, I suggest you to use Azure Calculator for pricing and for migration you can migrate with the following:

AD to Azure AD

Exchange to Office365

SQL to Azure SQL

Print server

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As part of our ongoing effort to deliver the broadest and deepest set of compliance offerings, Microsoft Azure is proud to announce that we obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, addressing Quality Management systems.




This international standard i

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I'm building an API for a customer than leverages computer vision to analyse images. I am trying to get it to analyse handwriting on the white board.


When I upload my test image to my API, the JSON response from the computer vision API seems to have the l

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I am a Data Developer and I am very interested in understanding and learning Machine Learning (especially Azure ML). I read the pdf suggested "INTRODUCING AZURE MACHINE
LEARNING - A GUIDE FOR TECHNICAL PROFESSIONALS" by David Chappell and I would like t... Read More
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In a VM ARM template you can add adminUsername & adminPassword in the osProfile.

Is it possible to add multiple adminUsers to a VM with use of ARM template?


Br. Rune

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I am getting this error messagem when connecting to the bash:


"Warning: Failed to mount the Azure file share. Your cloud drive won't be available.                                                                                                  

Your Cloud

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Sorry you hit this bug Miguel! We're tracking this issue and should have a fix for this very soon! By chance did you delete the storage resource that was created for you

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Best Response
@Sander van de Velde, you`ve been playing with the Cloud Shell. Have you seen this error? Read More

This video shows the practical use of bots using the Azure Bot Service to infuse artificial intelligence within your customer relationship management. You'll see how bots work and how to build your own.



Details: Intelligent interactions with natural

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