Understanding Azure Account, Subscription and Directory.

jahongir abdurahmonov

For the last couple of days, I am trying to understand the relationship between Azure account, Subscription, and Directory and Resource Groups. 


Is there any comprehensive guide that can help me to understand how Azure Account, Subscription and Directory works? 


Thank you in advance. 


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Great question! @Daniel Martins, is there someone from the team who can help to answer this?

I would probably start with the following links:


What is Azure Active Directory:



The relationship between AAD and subscriptions:



Managing resource groups with AAD:



From each of the links above, there are multiple other links to a lot of content that will explain all these differnet components and their relationships.


Aside from the "docs" website, I also have found that the Microsoft Virtual Academy website is a great source of information:






Hello Jahongir, all,


Adding a little bit more here to Stephane`s great content.


The Azure account is a global unique entity that gets you access to Azure services and your Azure subscriptions. You can create multiple subscriptions in your Azure account to create separation e.g. for billing or management purposes. In your subscription(s) you can manage resources in resources groups. Azure subscription can have a trust relationship with an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) instance – more here.


I hope this helps as well :)



@Daniel MartinsThanks for simple explanation, now those elaborate article will make more sense to me.