Microsoft + Docker – Investing in the future of your applications

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Did you know when you combine Docker’s cross platform support of Linux and Windows containers and Microsoft cloud technologies, you get a comprehensive offering that can support virtually every enterprise workload?

Microsoft and Docker aim to provide a modern platform for developers and IT pros to build, ship, and run any application on-premises, in the cloud, or through service providers across both Windows and Linux operating systems. Together we are bringing container applications across platforms, integrating across our developer tools, the operating system, and cloud infrastructure to provide a seamless experience across the application environment from development to test and production.


Read more on the Azure blog.





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Awesome stuff, Microsoft and Docker working together is a game changer I feel, plus acquisitions like Deis. With developers getting on board and, IT Operations staff getting more familiar with the technology, it will be huge.


Readers may be interested in this cool poster, from a while back, more details here.


Containers 101.pngContainers 101 Poster Preview

Starting with docker. Hope it will be useful for my area soon
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