Azure Cloud Shell error

Miguel Lobato

Azure Cloud Shell error

I am getting this error messagem when connecting to the bash:


"Warning: Failed to mount the Azure file share. Your cloud drive won't be available.                                                                                                  

Your Cloud Shell session will be ephemeral so no files or system changes will persist beyond your current session."


Anyone with the same problem? 

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Re: Azure Cloud Shell error

@Sander van de Velde, you`ve been playing with the Cloud Shell. Have you seen this error?

Re: Azure Cloud Shell error

Seems the storage is already deleted but the cloud drive is still connected.


Try in the shell: "clouddrive unmount" and then refresh.


See my blog for more details.


Re: Azure Cloud Shell error

Sorry you hit this bug Miguel! We're tracking this issue and should have a fix for this very soon! By chance did you delete the storage resource that was created for you when first launching Cloud Shell?


Sander is correct in troubleshooting, could you:

1. Run "clouddrive unmount"

2. Restart Cloud Shell via restart icon or exit and relaunch

3. You should be prompted with the storage creation dialog again


Let me know if this works or not for you!

Re: Azure Cloud Shell error

This had solved it! thank you very much!

Re: Azure Cloud Shell error

Glad it`s working now, Miguel :) Looking forward to see your use cases and how you`re using Cloud Shell on your next posts!
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