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Gary Bushey
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I know KQL is Kusto Query Language but what exactly is Kusto?  Is it the name of the person who created the language or something else?  This has just been bugging me :xd:

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Hi @Gary Bushey, this is what I was able to find, "Log Analytics Query Language" or by its code name KQL (stands for “Kusto Query Language”, Kusto being the internal project name)." Here is the link to the entire conversation

@Gary Bushey , to add to @Valon_Kolica answer:


Kusto is the internal name for a Microsoft big data analytics platform publicly called Azure Data Explorer which also uses KQL. Log Analytics and Sentinel use Azure Data Explorer as their data lake storage technology and therefore inherit KQL as well as the unparalleled analytics and scalability Azure Data Explorer provides. Another Microsoft product that use Azure Data Explorer and hence Kusto is Microsoft Defender ATP.


I am told that Kusto is named after Jacques Cousteau, one of the last polymaths, though the spelling may suggest this is just a myth.


@Ofer_ShezafThanks for the more in-depth information. 


I could see Kusto being named after Jacque Cousteau but with the spelling change to make it easier for people who may not be familiar with him to spell it.

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