Office Hours for Developers

The Microsoft Identity team is excited to announce Office Hours for Developers where we delve into your top-of-mind questions about identity and development with Azure AD. Join us for the opportunity to connect in real time with the folks building the SDKs, portals, APIs and other functionality you use. We’re looking forward to hearing directly from you about your challenges, so we can help you solve them.


How does it work?

We’ll do a one-hour broadcast, during which a rotating member of the identity developer experience team will discuss a handful of questions, selected from the ones you’ll send us (more about this later). Depending on the question, we might use a combination of demos, walk through diagrams, whiteboarding, sharing links to docs & samples and in general whatever is necessary to bring clarity to the topic at hand.


You will be able to submit follow up questions in real time: other team members will reply directly in IM to the questions that can be addressed by a short answer and will ask the presenter to tackle all the other ones. For the questions that aren’t directly tied to the topic of the day, or the ones for which we run out of time, we’ll try our best to follow up offline or during the next installment.


You can submit your questions here. We already have quite the backlog, so make sure to submit yours soon! Please note that if you are blocked on something, please submit your question on stack overflow since that remains the fastest way to get your development question answered.

After the call, the recordings will be posted on YouTube, so you’ll never have to miss one.


What kinds of topics will the calls cover?

It’s really up to what you ask. This is the venue to explore how to implement your more advanced scenarios. Examples include questions about choosing between Azure AD versions, Web SSO via Azure AD and/or MSA, invoking Microsoft Cloud APIs like Microsoft Graph or the Azure ARM API, developing complex delegated authentication flows, use of ASP.NET middleware to secure web apps and APIs via OpenId Connect and OAuth, using the MSAL and ADAL client libraries, etc.


Surprise us! Submit your questions for consideration in future community calls for identity developers. Please note that this is not a support channel. Please continue to use stack overflow for how-to and support questions.


When’s the first call?

Our first community office hours is on March 8th at 9:00 am PST.


The presenter for the first installment of the series is Vittorio Bertocci , Program Manager on the authentication and SDKs team (twitter, blog). Vittorio will address the following topics:

  • Differences between Azure AD “v1” and the new Azure AD “v2” endpoint: features, SDKs, portals
  • Flowing the identity of the user through tiers: invoking a Web API from a Web App using Azure AD

Save the event to your calendar or join the conversation directly by clicking here. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


The Microsoft Identity Team

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