[Newbie] What do I need to provide high availability for Pass-through Authentication?

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I need some guidance, please. I have read a lot of information and I'm confused. 


I have more than 500 users across several offices including the HQ and branch offices, and I'm planning to migrate to Office 365 E1. That being said: 


What do I need to provide high availability for Pass-through Authentication? E.g. two Authentication Agents running in two servers, one Azure AD Connect primary and one staging server, one Azure AD Connect primary on Azure and one one staging server on-premises. 


Let's asume my Azure AD Connect Primary Server is on the HQ and my Internet is down, my remote users will be able to authenticate to Office 365? If not, how can I guarantee authentication for users even if the HQ is down? How can I create a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity solution?


I checked this:






Thanks in advanced. 


We have

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In the above scenario if I have understood correctly your users will still connect to O365 if the internet connection is down at HQ, they will authenticate against AAD, the only thing is your on prem won't be syncing with AAD whilst the connection is down so any changes done locally in AD wont be reflected in AAD until the connection is restored......

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