InstalledADSyncPowerShellHelper error 906 exit code 98

Betty Stolwyk
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Event viewer displays an event id 906 error "InstalledADSyncPowerShellHelper exit code: 98."


It happens during the AADConnect Sync Engine Auto Upgrade process. The Sync Engine auto upgrade itself completes successfully and active directory syncs execute just fine.  But I would like to figure out why I am getting this error with the InstalledADSyncPowerShellHelper.


Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any resolutions?


The above error message is always followed by this more detailed error in Event Viewer:

InstalledADSyncPowerShellHelper: Encountered unexpected exception. Details: System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException: Could not load type 'Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.Synchronization.Framework.RegistryAdapter' from assembly 'Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.Synchronization.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35'. ---> System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.Synchronization.Framework.RegistryAdapter' from assembly 'Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.Synchronization.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35'.

   at Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.Synchronization.UpgraderCommon.UpgraderCommon.GetMonitoringConfigurationPath()   at Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.Synchronization.UpgraderCommon.UpgraderCommon.SetProductName(String productName)   at Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.Synchronization.UpgraderCommon.UpgraderCommon.DisableAutoUpgrade()   at Microsoft.IdentityManagement.PowerShell.Cmdlet.SetADSyncAutoUpgradeCmdlet.ProcessRecord()
    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---


Here is a link to the latest InstalledADSyncPowerShellHelper log (error)



Here is a link to the latest SyncEngine-AutoUpgrader log (successful):



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I found an answer through this post:


The update error had to do with a customized sync rule. 





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