Directory Services Restore Mode - DSRM - Help needed

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Hi there!

I'm not sure if I'm bringing this on the right community. If not, please move this for the right place. I have an Active Directory test environment mimicking a real one:

- DC's are 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 (a total of four DC's, two of each)

- Forest and domain levels are 2008 R2,

- Workstations are W7 and W10.


We use Symantec Netbackup for backup, and for a restore test, we mess up a little bit with the domain and waited for a little for the replication to take place, shut down three of the DC's, and in the one remain, we went into DSRepair mode, and proceeded with a restore a full restore of the System State. After the restore, we use the ntdsutil to set it as authoritative. Everything went well, the data was restored successfully and replicated successfully to the other DC's.


The problem is, I can't go into Directory Services Restore Mode anymore, in any of the domain controllers. When I select the DSRM mode, pressing F8 or using MSConfig, it always goes into SAFE Mode. Does anyone face this before? What's that I did wrong?


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