#AzureAD Domain Services is now GA! Lift and shift to the cloud just got WAY easier!


Late last year, Microsoft announced the public preview of Azure AD Domain Services. Since then, we’ve been working closely with customers to make sure they can get up and running and to learn from their feedback and suggestions. Then in May, Microsoft announced several exciting new features and improvements to the service including secure LDAP support, support for configuring DNS and custom OUs.


Since May we have continued to evolve the service and refine it based on your feedback.


So today, the team is thrilled to announce that Azure AD Domain Services is now Generally Available (GA)!

The Preview program was incredibly successful, with over 5700 Azure AD tenants testing the service and sharing their feedback. We’d like to thank all these customers for their time and for helping us evolve the service. Some of the features Microsoft has added this year based on your feedback include:

  • Secure LDAP access to your managed domain, including over the internet (even from Amazon Web Services!)
  • Enable ‘AAD DC Administrators’ to configure DNS on their managed domain.
  • Enable ‘AAD DC Administrators’ to create custom organizational units (OUs).


Read more on Office Blogs.





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Awesome stuff - running a POC in Azure right now to enable a legacy service. This is indeed pretty exciting stuff !!

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