#AzureAD Connect Health: Monitoring for Windows Server AD DS and Sync Error Reports are GA

Juan Carlos González Martín

It’s a big day for Azure AD! I’m happy to let you know that:

  • Azure AD Connect Health for Windows Server AD DS is now GA!
  • Azure AD Connect Health Sync Error Reports is now GA!
  • Based onyour feedback, we’vesimplified the Azure AD Connect Health licensing model.

More information at: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2017/02/27/azuread-connect-health-monitoring-...

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Still not a big fan of the Azure Premium requirements. Even with the revised licensing guidance:


  • First Connect Health agent requires at least one Azure AD Premium license.
  • Each additional agent requires 25 additional incremental AADP licenses.
  • Agent count is equivalent to the total number of agents registered per role (AD FS, Azure AD Connect, AD DS) per server.


Totally agree man, but the reality is that they are adding more and more services and capabilities on top of Azure AD Premium that can help on the decision to move from basic AD to Azure AD Premium
What they should do is move some the Premium features to a lower tier, there is precedent for this in the Web Apps that have been improved to get more of the features that were originally only available in the Desktop clients.

I've been using this for ages, it's very handy! Keep in mind, the older the OS, the more steps and the more problems you may have when first configuring, but it's not complicated.

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