Azure AD Join SSO with ADFS on-premise on saas application

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We have on-premise AD federated domain with azure, ADconnect for sync et password write back enabled. So we have ADFS 3.0 on-premise relying trust with SAAS application (service now).

All work fine for user with workstation in domain on-prem


Now we have integrated à workstation windows 10 totally in Azure (Azure Ad join) and configured Service now application in azure portal application, i settings application for use SSO on premise.


But when i'm connected on workstation with azure AD account, SSO work fine for Office 365 but when i started the service now app in office 365 portal (myapps.microsoft.com) i'm redirect to STS but SSO not work i'm prompted, if i enter my UPN and password, the app work fine.


i'v configured Claims rules in azure application "service now" for matching attributes.


perhaps SAML azure token not interpretad corectly by ADFS on-prem ?


anyone can help me ?


thx à lot



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