Authenticate on-premise users without verifying the Domain

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Dear Experts


This is the scenario. Our client is a part of large organisation that comprises many companies. All users in this company are all using the same namespace for on-premise access. e.g.

Users from our client and their parent organisation uses the following credentials to login to on-premise resources <username> However our client do not have the control of the and they will not be able to verify the ownership.


Now, they have procured Office 365 services [Power BI] and have a tenant say, 

They are asking; if their users can use their existing on-premise credentials to authenticate against Azure AD. My understanding is that; it is not possible to do this without verifying the domain [] and without using AAD connect 


Am I correct?

If not, is there any way to authenticate to Azure AD using a third party authentication providers by using some apps in Azure?


Thanks in advance




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The only way to use their on-premises credentials is to verify the domain, that includes any auth method that uses attributes other than the UPN as well. Perhaps they can verify a subdomain instead of the root domain?

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