What pricing plans do you offer?

Sandy Rivas

It says preview, what kind of pricing plans are there?

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Microsoft Stream is currently in preview and available at no cost. Free and paid service levels are planned for when the service is generally available, with details to follow closer to the release date. Features that are available at no cost during the preview period may be discontinued or become part of a paid tier at general availability.

I'd like to roll this out to my company but, it would be nice to know if it was going to be part of E3 like Planner.  I would have to believe it is since it is replacing the old Office 365 Video.

@xxcorpxx once we are the point where we are ready to make it de-facto for Office 365 users, our goal is to have the same  capabilities that are offered as a part of Office 365 Video continue to be available with Microsoft Stream as a part of current Office SKUs like E3 . We will share more details as we get closer. 


If you are an Office subscriber, we'd say continue using Office 365 Video as your data will be migrated over seamlessly when we are ready. 

Does this mean that for those of us who have a vast majority of Kiosk users who were locked out of even being able to view videos in the Office 365 Video product that we may be able to finally deploy a video solution to our staff? It would seem like being able to have Office 365 Enterprise K1 users be able to have read only access to SharePoint Online sites would fit in with the this product in allowing them to have read access here.

without a clear roadmap and price proposition it is hard to invest time and effort to explore on this product as many are happy working with either Office 365 Video or Youtube.


I am running business essential and business premium which has no Video support.

When will we finally get an update on GA and pricing. Will this be part of the O365 Business Premium Plan?


@Doug we are still working through the details. At the very minimum, it would continue to be available with E1 to E5, A and G SKUs (Same as Office 365 Video), view only capabilities will be available with K-SKUs. It will also be available stand-alone if you don't have mentioned Office SKUs. We will be sharing more as soon as we lock down things.

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