Welcome to the new Microsoft Stream community!

Amit Rajput

Welcome to the new Microsoft Stream community!

Welcome to the new Microsoft Stream community! Our new home on the Microsoft Tech Community  is the place for users like you who want to connect with peers and experts, get support for technical questions, submit new ideas and be inspired by unique and useful ways to use Microsoft Stream in your organization.


We recently migrated the entire Microsoft Stream community to the Microsoft Tech Community, keeping all the topics, ideas and feedback provided during preview. The Microsoft Tech Community has already been home for many other communities, like Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365 Video. In order to better align with related technologies and create one community experience for our members, we feel our new home will help foster a better community experience.


Registering is fast and free, and in seconds you’ll have access to the community forums and feedback submission areas. Simply sign in with your Microsoft account to register, and select the "Join" button on the Microsoft Stream community.


We’ve created some spaces where we’d like for you to ask questions, answer others’ questions, participate in discussion and submit ideas.  These spaces will be monitored regularily by moderators across the Microsoft Steam team and our development team is constantly reviewing the most popular ideas to incorporate them into Microsoft Stream as much as possible. To favorite a space, select the heart button and stay up to date with Microsoft Stream.


We’re very excited to welcome you all to the new Microsoft Stream Community. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences, get your ideas for future improvements, and enable you to do more with Microsoft Stream.


The Microsoft Stream community open is now. See you there!