Slicer icon do not change

Slicer icon do not change
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Now with the new vector icons in Office 365 the Slicers icon in Excel doesn't change any more. 


You can't see if you have applied a filter to the Slicers or not.


In previous version the filter icon was "light gray with a monochrome x" when no filter was used and marked in "dark gray with a red x" when you used the Slicers to filter the data.


With a lot of Slicers, it is hard to see when the Slicers is used or not.





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Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson

Thanks for letting us know. We will take a look and get it routed to the right team. Can you please just confirm what version and build number of the Excel desktop application you are using? Thanks and have a great weekend! Staff 

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Office 365 ProPlus





Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson

Thanks for the additional info. We have passed this functional issue onto the Excel Dev team. Once we hear back we will let you know. Thanks for reporting it! Staff 

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Same problem here.  Any news on this. 


Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson@Andrew Nevard

Happy New Year! Just to let you know the right Dev team are looking at this one. Once I have news from them we will come back to you on it. 

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I find the new iconography to be very confusing as well. It was so obvious before which slicer was filtering the results. Now it's impossible to tell, which is a serious regression in my opinion. Because the slicers filtering vs unfiltered is so confusing, I now only use one per PivotTable.


Hi @Kent Compton @Andrew Nevard @Anna-Karin Petrusson 

Just to let you know this issue is being worked on. There is bug logged for it assigned with the right team. As soon as it is addressed we will come back to you on it. 


Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson  @Kent Compton@Andrew Nevard 

This issue was finally addressed by the Excel Dev team. Thanks for letting us know about it and apologies for the inconvenience it caused. 



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Excel Office 365 July 2019 - still red x's everywhere - on all slicers regardless of filtering - PLEASE FIX

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Red x's on all company dashboard slicers regardless of filtered status. This is confusing and causes lack of situational awareness. This is a serious bug that needs to be fixed immediately -- preferably with an explanation regarding how it was allowed to happen and what steps have been taken to ensure an error of this magnitude will not be repeated in the future. Extremely stressful.  

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