Outlook and Forgotten Attachment in Czech Language

Outlook and Forgotten Attachment in Czech Language
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I started another thread https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Outlook/Forgotten-Attachment-Reminder-in-other-languages-in-Outlook/td-p/127110 with the issue of function does not work as expected in the localized version of Outlook. I do not mean this is a translation issue, just a function problem.

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Hi Petr,

I am pretty sure this is just supported in English for now. I will try to find out if the team who own it have plans to release it in other languages. I will come back to this thread when I have news. Regards, Stafford

If it is supported only in English, when you install Outlook 2016 in the different language, this option should not be visible in configuration or should have an indication that does not work in your language. But I suppose that this function maybe worked in past in Outlook 2013 because the original add-on worked in Czech some time.zapomenuta_priloha.png


Hi @Petr Vlk  - Happy New Year! We have been in touch with the team responsible for this feature. They have taken your feedback on board and are now looking at extending it to international markets. They do not have an agreed timeline in place for it yet. These features tend to be rolled out in major international markets first and then in later markets. Thanks for your interest and regards, Staff 

Thanks. I will look forward to it.
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