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Hi there,

two days ago, a new competition for the Admin Center Preview was launched.  As, in the past, I had posted some issues for the Admin Center in the German idea space of the OI forums and I don't want to repost already known and open issues in the competition, I thought to filter out my posts from the German idea space. I tried to use my idea tags for filtering out my posts, as I gave all posts an idea tag. However, it seems, that filtering my posts is much more difficult than expected.

This brought me to write this post, ask some questions and suggest some improvements - related to the Ideas spaces. And I am posting this here, as I think, the OI ideas spaces are a little bit different from the other forums in the Tech Community as e.g. the ones for Excel. Hope that's ok to post the suggestions here.

So, starting from Office International Forum homepage, I can select an idea space. The German idea space looks like the following picture. The idea spaces for the other languages look similar.


There is a list of labels, from which I can select. Let's do that, e.g. with the label Translation. I will get a view like shown on the next screenshot, all ok here. On the right, I can see the labels and I can click on them to get a new filter list. However, my impression is here, that only posts which have been moved from an early version of the Office International forums, where the specific language forums were not created yet, are considered.image.png

Now, let's create a new post.  Looks like the following screenshot, for example. A question is, why is there only one label, which is listed? Looking on the list above, there are much more of them, e.g. German, Translation or Excel. At least, these words are declared as label.image.png

In this case I added, in my eyes, one existing label (German) in the list, one label not in the list (Sample) and two idea tags in German. Trying to submit my post, gives an error. That may be technically correct as my labels do not appear in the listed labels for the post, but it makes labels useless. image.png

Adding idea tags works fine. But, after I submit my post, the idea tags are not shown somewhere. Only, if I edit my post, I can see them. And, of course, I can not edit posts from other people.


So, how can I filter my posts by these tags in an easy way? I know, I can go through the search feature, but this is very slow for me and I think a bit complicated. Also too complicated, if I go through my profile, as I have to do many clicks.

This is how a post looks like in the Tech Community Excel feedback space. Labels are listed below the post. I can right click them and reach a new page, where a filter is set for that label. Note: I can not directly click on them, the mouse hovers, but the links are unclickable. Only the context menu works.


So, this is my first suggestion: can we have the idea tags below the post and make them clickable so that we can easily reach a filtered list?

The Excel spaces also have a widget with the list of labels on the right side. Would it be possible to have something similar for the OI language forums and for the idea tags?




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Hi @Mourad Louha 

Let us do some investigation, talk to the Tech Community team and come back to you on it. We might add that the feedback you gave us on the Microsoft 365 Admin center in December prompted us to run the latest competition Smiley Happy


Thanks for the suggestion!


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Hi Stafford,

thanks :)