Excel and short month names in Czech

Excel and short month names in Czech
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Hi! In old Excel 2013 when we make PivotTable, the month names get joined with full month names like "květen, červen, červenec". After update in Excel 2016, it changes to roman numbers "V, VI, VII". Which are not so acceptable, but works fine.


But now it gets even worse. Default time format when you wrote "13. květen 2017" get converted as "13. 5. 2017". Now it gets like "13. V 2017". Changing language options and format of a cell does not help for new default entering.


And also, in past typing "13. květen 2017" and "13. května 2017" which is correct here in the Czech Republic were converted correctly to date format. But now only default month name which is "květen" gets converted.


These changes are not so good for consistency. The worst is that Edge browser with updates four-month gets converted from Czech to English without a fix. Customers starting to be a little bit nervous about this.

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Hi Petr,

Thanks for reporting this to us. We will investigate your Excel report further and come back to you in one of our monthly reports. For the Edge browser issue you have I would advise you to report it in the Windows Feedback tool. Regards, Stafford

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Hi @Petr Vlk

We realised quickly after you reported this that this is coming from Windows 10 settings and beyond our teams control to fix. We passed your feedback on the Windows team. If it is still happening they recommend to use the feedback app in Windows 10 to report the issue. 

Sorry we cannot be of more help!



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Thanks, reported to Windows Feedback.

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