Excel 2016 - Translation of the new functions SORT and SORTBY

Excel 2016 - Translation of the new functions SORT and SORTBY
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Hi there,

I extracted from my latest Excel 2016 Insider Fast Version the translation of the new dynamic array functions for several languages. Mostly, the english versions of these functions are currently translated for the languages shown in the picture below.image.png

In English, the function names for SORT and SORTBY start with the same characters. So, if a user starts typing =SOR e.g. in a cell, then the user would easily find SORT and SORTBY by using the IntelliSense feature. Both functions are similar and making a kind of group. This logic is also implemented for other languages than English - e.g. in German, French, Spanish or Russian. But for Czech, Finnish and Portuguese (Brazil), this logic will not work, as SORTBY is untranslated. A special case is Hungarian, where SORTBY is translated, but the logic broken, as the translations start with different characters.

Therefore, I would like to suggest to also translate SORTBY for those languages (if not already planned) and perhaps review the translation for Hungarian.



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Hi @Mourad Louha

Happy New Year!

Thanks for the suggestions here. I know a review of the latest function names was planned across all languages. Either way we will take a closer look at it and get back to you on it.




Status changed to: Planned
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