Czech language in Meeting Invite in Outlook

Czech language in Meeting Invite in Outlook
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Hi, this is not a translation issue, but I reported a month ago to Office Insider and to Feedback Hub, and want to make some attention to this.


When a user sends in Outlook 2016 (C2R) meeting invitation with text inside it in the Czech language with characters like "ščřžýáé" the invite is stored in calendar OK. But when the first user responds and accepts the meeting, the text in invite gets broken. The characters changed to different Unicode characters.

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Hi @Petr Vlk thanks for reporting it. We will get it front of the right team to look at and get back to you. Can I just confirm what version of Outlook you are running? Have a great weekend!  Stafford 

Hi, currently I am at 1803 (9127.2004). Most of our users are on standard Current Channel.
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Hi, we discuss in MVP forums briefly. And we have possible actor.


If the Outlook recognize text of invite as English (language), it does not send for Czech characters the correct encoding in text message and when the response is received, it gets broken.

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Hi @Petr Vlk

As we discussed over email we think this now addressed! Thanks for reporting it!


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