Class Notebook in Swedish

Class Notebook in Swedish
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Generally, "Class Notebook" should be translated "Klassanteckningsbok" instead of "Anteckningsbok för klassen". Today, both these translations can be found in different areas, but it would of course be better if there were some consistency. 


One example is the Class Notebook plugin in Onenote Win 10:


Also seen here:

The correct translation is used at the startpage and in Teams.

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Hi @David Andersson

Welcome to our Office International Community. Thanks for reporting this inconsistency! You found the right team to get it addressed. Leave it with us to investigate and we will get back to you. Have a great weekend! Stafford 

Community Manager
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Hi @David Andersson

Our Swedish moderator felt the current approved term "Anteckningsbok för klassen" was fit for purpose. So we tried to ensure that was the translation used consistently across the software and content. If you are still seeing "Klassanteckningsbok" please let us know. Thanks for the suggestion! Staff 

Status changed to: Completed