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Hi, i'm trying to create a form that has fields from many tables (employee information table, employee contact table and employee location table) using a form wizard or blank form. i did selected the fields from each table, but unfortunately it didn't work. i'm getting (Name#) in all the fields instead of having the data. can any body help? by the way first and second tables are one-many, first and third table are many-many using another table for the relation ship.

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Hi @JoeQar!

Do you know something about relationships between tables in MS Access? I suggest you create a query from your fields and different tables  must have a relationship with primary and foreign keys. With that query you can create a form as source from those different fields.


If you don't know what i am talking about pls. send a screenshot so that i can figure out how to help. Greets, Eva.

Hi @JoeQar ! Tables are only to store the data in MS Access, so i suggest to make a autoform upon your tables. Its very good to have 1-n-Relationships between them. Try this: You can select the (customers, detail) table on the left navigation, then pls. click on "Create" tab - FORM, pic 8 and 9 additionally here. I made a quick tutorial for you in here with a new database, concerning customers and requests in a call center.  Requesttable is now the so called Master table, which is nested as a second form INSIDE the main form. Hope you dont mind that a few german labels are in there.

Greets, Eva.


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