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How to convert 32 Database created with Access 2007 32 bit to Access 2016 64 bit? Manoj Kumar
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Access Web Apps has been introduced in 2013 and we are nearly 4 years later without further developments, I only can count one or 2, and anyhow they are 2 years old.


Microsoft Access (Desktop) has been preferred for small businesses since ages and the Acc

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Learn how to create an Access 2013 database in just minutes by using a template. Access gives you templates that run on your computer or in the cloud.


Watch here


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As businesses of all sizes come to realize the value of data analytics to inform decision-making, many are also discovering the need for database solutions like Microsoft Access to help collect, organize and share data, as well as create reports that deli

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I want to read the username of the current logged in Office account in MS Access 2016 with VBA  (not Windows or network username). The logged in user appears indeed in the Office2016 applications respectively in the title bar at the top right. Environ (),

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I use the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement object to get user information on my apps.


In VB (I don't use VBA but very simliar syntax) the UserContext object giv

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Good question ... could be helpfull in an application ...

Unfortunately I have not solution for this yet ... :-( ... I'll keep on searching ...

Step by step guides. Use your Office 365 credentials to sign in https://dpsupportweb20160618054131.azurewebsites.net/QuickReferenceGuides Read More

Thanks for sharing Luc! 

Hi - There are times at our institution where we may need to get snapshot of users files for legal reasons.  I can export the content of OD4B using Sharegate, but it doesn't export content stored in an Access Web App.  When I connect to the web database u

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I created a step by step instruction for you to connect to your database using SQL Server management studio as Frank suggested.


You can also find these instructions (and

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content of an Access Web App is stored in a SQL Azure database. You can use SQL Server DBA tools to connect and create snapshots. You can also sync SQL Azure conten

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Hi there Access Network!  I have a client that is wanting to know if they can keep Access 2010 installed on their current machines and to install Office Pro Plus (to include Access 2016). Access 2010 is 32-bit and they want to install Access 2016 64-bit a

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Hi there Dwayne,

As far as I know newer and older versions of office can run side by side but only if the newer version is running in the "Click2Run" format and the older ... Read More

One of the leading requests in UserVoice was to see renewed support for dBASE (.dbf), and quite a few of you—particularly those in the Geographic Information System (GIS) community—made a compelling case to do so.


Today, the Access Team is re-introducin

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“Send Email” is available to all of our customers using Office 365 with Access Services. Now you can send emails from your Access 2013 web apps to other members of your organization! Look for this feature in your web apps soon and try it out.


In order t

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For any ideas of Access use the website https://access.uservoice.com/

"We love hearing from our customers. To help us continue our investment in Access , we have partnered with UserVoice, a third-party service, to create this site to hear your ideas and su

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Microsoft Access 2016 provides a rich platform for developing database management solutions with easy-to-use customization tools. If no end user customization is required (including report modifications), you can choose to distribute those Access 2016 sol

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Is there an Access 2016 MSI (non-runtime, non-CTR) version available for download?