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Our team has been using Microsoft Access 2010 as a frontend for an SQL Server 2014, and are dependent on the Upsizing Wizard in Access to migrate tables from Access to SQL. From Access 2013 and onwards, the Upsizing Wizard is gone, and we are in need of

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There is far more to EXCEL than what I want or need it for.  I have been an Apple user and for years I have been using a very old Appleworks program to make charts of  various business expenses for tax purposes. It has worked very well since 2000 ( yes I

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Since transferring my Office Home & Student 2013 to a new laptop, the excel file when clicked to open, does not open. Instead only Excel program opens. Then I have go through File -> Open , then either Recent Workbook or Computer -> Documents.


Kindly help

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This is a group for answering Microsoft Access (the database) questions. It would seem this question should be in the Excel group or Office group. But maybe someone here ... Read More

Navigation Pane Hidden.pngFor some odd reason, when I drag to re-scale the Navigation Pane in Microsoft Access 2016, the pane becomes minuscule and I am unable to view anything. It makes sense to be able to hide the Navigation Pane by clicking the arrow to hide/show the pane (and

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Just came across this myself, you can correct it by using F11 to minimise the nav panel and the drag it out manually again.


Hope this works for you,


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How to convert 32 Database created with Access 2007 32 bit to Access 2016 64 bit? Manoj Kumar
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How to convert 32 Database created with 32 bit to Access 64 bit? 


First, let me make clear what I'm saying.  Usually an ACCDE is created to protect the design of forms, reports, and VBA codein a database application.  The ACCDE may o

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I am wondering if my access app will still function correctly after I export all the tables to sharepoint lists, while I'm developing flows before the list's are used as the live data.

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Has anyone attempted using the migration tool ?  Does the original app still work correctly ?

I'm having a terrible time figuring this out.  Im trying to call Excel's function.ets function from an ms-access module.  I can call other functions without a problem.  I've got the arrays filled up and I've tried it a million ways, always with the same a

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I am having the same issue, When I was trying out different combinations for the various non-default parameters, at just one point it worked, but when I manually refactor

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Does anyone know how we can access the Termstore of our Office365 subscription with an ACCESS Desktop application?


We use an access desktop application as frontend to read and write product master data (such as product name, material, color, net weigh

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Today for the first time when I open anything from my main menu I cannot scroll down the page / screen.

I can page up and page down, I can use the arrows, but if I try to scroll or use the side bar the screen dosesnt follow

If I open tables from the navigat

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Time for a new one

I'm recently retired, and have time to kill.

My ultimate goal is to create a Web based application to prevent me from having to answer my wifes constant question... "where is the?...".

So, I've developed the basics in an Access 2016 database, and it is far

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Hi Paul 


You are going the right direction. the only thing you need to ask yourself how much time do you want to spend in developing the solution.


If you seeking for an f

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I have a current Access Web App that I'm working to recreate in either Access desktop (with the file saved on SharePoint) or in PowerApps. I'm still not sure what is the best solution. However, I would like test the eexport feature of AWA. My question is,

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I have the same question and am somewhat surprised to see that a presumably simple yes or no question is yet to be answered by a Microsoft rep..?


Despite having observed

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How can I create a query in Access Web Services where to columns in on field. Like I have the 2 columns “Street” and “Number” and I like to show on column “Street Number”.


Thanks for your help




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I need this because I can only show 4 columns on my view.

Users are experiencing errors when trying to enter data and run queries. Database has been running for months with no issues.



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One of my teams is experiencing an issue where a particular form is not loading after a long wait period. The following screen is displayed. Not very helpful as I AM the app creator...



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The windows API call AllocConsole no longer seems to work in VBA Access 2016 on Windows 10.


It functions correctly on Windows 7 with Access 2016 and I've been googling for the past few days tring to find an answer. The code is a follows...


Private Declare

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Hi all 

when i trying to upgrade from Access 2010 to 365 the buttons of my equations not return any value ??


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Thank you
rat huu ich
my last update is Access 2000
Did you make sure to enable or set a trusted location?



From an AWB App, online, if you click the gear botton (top right) , there is a new command "Export to SharePoint Lists"

 AWA 1.png



this creates a subside with the name as in App name, creates tables with relashionships as in AWA App, and copies (i think copies

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I already tried what happens when you choose to run that function:

It created a subsite and exported all the data into lists.

Thats it.

If you had a rich AWA where you put a

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As it looks like Access Web Apps support is not enough for many use cases: You can keep your Access Web App tables or views (based on SQL Azure) connected and in sync (on

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I did this now my access web app database is stuck in read only mode. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes, yes, I know AWA is going away--but until I'm able to develop a PowerApp, I'm stuck using this for the next 12 months.


With that said, I'm trying to find a way to count the total number of records and the total number of records with a checkbox checke

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Join NetCom Learning for a complimentary interactive webinar on "A Brief on MS-Access 2016 and its Integration".


MS-Access is not a topic of fearing from. This webinar will throw the light on the usage and working of this office tool and its integration w

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This afternoon I went to submit feedback, but noticed that there is an extra 'Feedback' button that does not start any action:




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[This is an excellent 33-page paper on the subject.]
The purpose of this white paper is to demonstrate that Microsoft PowerApps is an alternative tool to Access web apps and worthy of consideration for an Access power user and developer.
Ben Clothier, And
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There is a situation where I am trying to find a count of how many unique values are associated with an item on a related table. How can I find this?


Here's the scenario


Business Opportunities

1 ACME Widgets


Quotes Generated

1 Quote 1 for ACME Widgets by Pa

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thanks for sharing the links
Step by step guides. Use your Office 365 credentials to sign in https://dpsupportweb20160618054131.azurewebsites.net/QuickReferenceGuides Read More

Thanks for sharing Luc! 

Hello Folks,


Microsoft Acess with the integration that ir provides with SharePOint can be used to provide quite a lot of solutions to business problems.

I have used this in the past to SYNC 2 sharepoint lists and to generate reports.

I was wondering if ther

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Access Web Apps has been introduced in 2013 and we are nearly 4 years later without further developments, I only can count one or 2, and anyhow they are 2 years old.


Microsoft Access (Desktop) has been preferred for small businesses since ages and the Acc

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