Users Experiencing Errors with Access Web Apps

Peter Mcdermott

Users Experiencing Errors with Access Web Apps

Users are experiencing errors when trying to enter data and run queries. Database has been running for months with no issues.



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Re: Users Experiencing Errors with Access Web Apps


When I try to save a record from List-view form
(sorry for the poor translation of messages):

”Someone has updated or moved information of this form.
Changes could not be saved. Please refresh your browser and try again”

When I push ”Macro info”-link


”Function failed” + following info with ”Function name: SaveRecord” and error code: 2950

We've noticed this failure on August 14th. Is there something going on...?

I can save the same records normally in DataSheet-view but not in List-view. So the only thing that doesn't work normally is "SaveRecord"-macro

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