I would like to know if someone can help me. as I do so that a database made in access is opened as an executable. I mean it does not open in access and appears tables and forms if not only as a program. Is it possible or not.

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For Start simply start the database by holding the SHIFT key while opening if you have any startup code or there are choices that hide the "usual" environment they get disabled. If this fails then check the extension ...notice the exact last letter ...if it's "b" then its a Access database that you have complete control over it (maybe it has some code protecting it but this is another story)....if its "r" ...then there is chance it belongs to the previous or the next case...just rename it to "b" and try again ...e.g if its .accdr then rename it to .accdb and try again.......if its "e" ...then its the compiled one and you can get to view only tables/query

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