AEK21 - German Access Developers Conference

Karl Donaubauer

AEK21 - German Access Developers Conference

AEKHanover.jpgOne of the event hotels is built into an ancient biscuit factory.October is AEK time! A 200 Access developers will meet again at Nuremberg and Hanover to watch and discuss these presentations:


  • Access 2019 - vnext
  • Access Backend Explorer
  • GDPR for Access developers
  • Access and SQL Server Security
  • Submit your quote - Is a little over ok?
  • Continous Integration+Delivery for Access
  • Scriptcase - Web development with Access speed
  • Access/VBA –> Interop –> .NET

It is THE Access community meeting in the German speaking countries, with two days full of presentations, evening reception, open mic, jobs booth etc. The AEK website has all the details (in German obviously ;-).